Frequently Asked Questions

How do I launder my vintage garments? To preserve your timeless delicates in their current vintage condition, please handle with love and care by hand washing with a gentle detergent. Do not tumble dry your garments. 

How long does shipping take? It depends on where you live and which shipping option you choose. We package and ship out your parcels within 5 business days of receiving your orders.

Where is your compostable packaging from?  Our mailers are from our friends over at Green Ship Packaging. These are zero-waste, eco-friendly mailers made from sustainable plants, so they are 100% compostable! To compost, simply remove all labels and adhesive from your mailers and throw them into a compost bin while nature does it's thing. ♡ Interested in compostable packaging for you or your business? Use our coupon code 'amethystlullabies10' for 10% off sitewide.

How old are your vintage pieces? Our vintage pieces typically range in era from the roaring 1920s to the 90s. Each piece is dated to the best of our ability. 

Where do you source your items? We are a sustainable brand that sources secondhand to curate a collection of dreamy vintage pieces especially for you. A majority of our pieces are sourced through other vintage collectors, bulk resellers and thrift shops.

Why can't I find my size? Amethyst Lullabies is size inclusive and we do our best to cater to all body types as everyone deserves to find their dream vintage piece! ♡ Since we source individual pieces secondhand, some sizes are harder to find than others. Please be patient and wait for new arrivals if you do not see your size. Feel free to contact us at info@amethystlullabies.com to request something you'd like to see in a specific size, print or color.

How do you determine price? We determine price based on a variety of key components such as age, wear, designer, rarity, quality and material. Most of our pieces are hard-to-find vintage gems which cannot be bought retail from the original brands or designers which make them super special! 

Do you offer styling? Amethyst Lullabies offers stylist services for professional use. Whether it's a red carpet event, a wedding or a photoshoot, we have got you covered with access to our collection of gorgeous vintage rarities and designer treasures. Please send us an email with specifics of what you are looking for to inquire about styling and/ or personal shopping.

Do you work with influencers? At this moment, we do not have a large influencer budget but we gift pieces to some of our favorite creators from time to time. To apply, fill out this form. If you'd like to support our small business, please consider purchasing from our shop and tagging us on Instagram @amethystlullabies for a chance to be featured on our page. ♡